2009 Olympiads&Projects

FFS Science Expo

Most Promising Project:  Dehini Rapeti & Carissa Moodley

Eskom Science Expo

Gold Medal:  Dehini Rapeti  & Carissa Moodley

Seema Devi Singh & Kimaya Setty


Bronze Medal:  Seydee Anirudh  & Jasmica Jagganath

Seema Singh  &  Kimaya Setty
SAASTE Olympiad:

Genevieve Chetty was placed 3rd in KZN.


SAMO (South African Maths Olympiad):

Genevieve Chetty was in the top 100 in the country.



Yashna Ravidas was selected as a member of the IPMO team.


Turkish Olympiad

Asa Bulabula who was placed 1st at the National Turkish Olympiad in Johannesburg,  was rewarded with $500 for her outstanding performance at the  International Olympiad in Istanbul.



The learners excelled and were awarded for their efforts.

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