Admission Process

Admission Process

Here is a step-by-step guide to enrolling with us at Star College Girls High School. Additional information regarding admissions can be found under
the other pages within this section. For all further enquiries, please
contact us directly.


The first step is to contact us at: to ascertain eligibility, check on space allocations for the relevant year group and, if possible, to organise a visit.

  • 2   Contact Admissions

Star College operates an enrolment policy which is based on an entrance exam being completed.  Please contact us to set up an appointment on 0312627190.

  • 3   Application Forms

Please download the required registration documents.  You can bring the completed registration form with you on the day the student writes the entrance test.

Click here to download the application forms.

  • 4   Confirmation of Registration

When all of the relevant registration forms for each applicant have been received,and the student has passed the entrance test,  we will confirm an appointment for acceptance with us.
Once you have received your acceptance letter, you will also be required to pay the acceptance fee of R4000.00.  This fee is non-deductable from the school fees and non-refundable.
Fee Structure

Registration Fee
(Girls’ high & Primary)
R 4000 Once-off non-refundable
Girls High School Fees Gr 8 – 12 R 44,000 per annum 10 months (January to October)
Pimary School Fees Gr 00 – 07 R 33,000 per annum 10 months (January to October)
ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) R 2000 Compulsory for Grade 8 and 9

Post Registration

  • 1   Once you have paid your acceptance fee, your child will be registered at our school.  An information package with all requirements ie. Text books, stationery and uniform lists will be sent via post in the last term of the year.
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