On the 12th September 2011 Star College held an Arbour Day celebration. This exciting celebration was held in Star College Girls High School where we were honoured by the presence of Lisa Crox from eWaste and Lisa Mthembu a Lexus representative. It started off on a high note with Lisa educating our school about the importance of recycling. We had an amazing fashion show, where the Grade 8 girls showcased their glamorous recycled, fashionable clothes.
We also enjoyed many entertaining items featuring the likes of Kerene Soodyall, Nonku Mtshali, Yashna Ravidas, Sadiyah Rasool and many more. We are lucky to have Lisa Mthembu from Lexus  who showed us an environmentally friendly car that used water instead of fuel and that made no noise when starting and running.
All the classes had the opportunity to plant a tree for their class in conjuction with the Arbour Day celebration. The whole school also had the amazing opportunity to see the creative projects done by the Star College girls who were required to make an item out of recycled material.
It was an absolutely exciting day that was unforgettable and off course environmentally friendly with all the girls and teachers learning a lot about the importance of our world and how to save it.

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