Caitlin and Saiyuri making the Right Move

TogetherCaitlin Chetty and Saiyuri Naidoo are currently in Grade 10 and attend Star College Girls High. Star College Girls is proud to have two aspiring chess ambassadors who have already competed at an international level. As ‘Queens-to-be” they are also promoting this mind-blowing game to their fellow learners as well. Although the chess theory is complicated, but during the game, the player is focused on only one main goal- checkmate and to become the victor.

They play several chess tournaments. The most recent tournament being The World Youth Chess Championship, a prestigious international tournament in which the girls both received their Chessa (Chess South Africa) colours. The girls participated at the eThekwini Chess Championship in July and got selected to represent KZN at the South African Junior Chess Championship in Kimberley in January 2015. The will once again receive KZN Colours. Caitlin and Saiyuri belong to the Chatsworth Freedom Knights Chess Club. This club runs a development programme and these high performance girls also help teach the younger, disadvantaged children chess on a regular basis.

The benefits of chess are endless: from improving concentration, developing logical thinking and tactical strategy, to the ability to predict consequences of actions by involving an infinite number of calculations for every move. Also chess inspires self-motivation, imagination and creativity. Chess certainly opens up the world for endless possibilities so do the right thing and make your move! “Some people play chess for living, but we play chess to live.”

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