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Star College Girls’ High December 2018

                      PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE

                          To Learners of Star College, I wish to   Always be kind. Compassion and a helping hand should
                      salute the strength and courage you     be your legacy.
                      demonstrated as men and women of              The only thing a person can ever really do is keep
                      Star College. I have watched you all    moving forward. Take that big leap forward without
        mature and grow into fine young leaders of the future. I   hesitation, without once looking back. Simply forget the
        am so proud of you all. You have shown faith, a vision   past and forge toward the future.
        and a fighting spirit in making this College achieve all the    Steve Jobs said, in one of his quotes, “Being the
        greater things to date.                               richest man in the cemetery doesn’t matter to me ….
             Always remember in life that it is about being true   Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something
        to your heart and living with humility and a sense of   wonderful …. That’s what matters.”
        compassion to build your community.  Always help.          I wish you showers of blessings over the festive


            It is with a deep sense of                                             learning experience to brand
        fulfilment that I embrace the                                              new heights. This exposure
        closure of yet another successful year Star College.    contributes to their holistic development and makes
        After a careful analysis of the contributory factors to   them. `stand out in crowd. `These endeavours
        our achievements –the word that pops up is synergy.     however are not possible without a team of dedicated
        It is indeed the combined energy of staff, learners and   teachers who are passionate about their subject
        parents-channelled into hard work and long hours-       matter. I take this opportunity to thank our parent
        that keeps the banners of Star College, flying high.    body for their continued support and assistance
            There is saying that, `busy I good. ‘Star College is   inholding high the vision of Star college in our pursuit
        not just busy-we are regularly engaged, even outside    of excellence.
        the boundaries of the institute, as we believe strongly,    May you and your family have a joyous festive
        in giving our learners, opportunities that take their   season.
                                                                                                   MR. M. KALAYCI


            The matric farewell took place on Friday, 30      Karaayvaz. The girls paid tribute to their respective
        November in the idyllic setting of Coastlands, Musgrave.   subject teachers in a moving valediction. Pretty earring
        The girls arrived in their finery and at 5 pm for their   gift sets were handed to each girl by Mr Kalayci, Deputy
        photo session. They were a breathtaking sight indeed.   Principal together with a fun award certificate. A
        The programme commenced at 6.15 with the              sumptuous buffet meal was enjoyed by all and the girls
        introduction of our bevy of brilliant beauties by the form   were extremely appreciative of a function that befitted
        teachers of the respective classes. This was followed by   the occasion of their farewell. We wish them all the best
        a very encouraging address by the Principal Mr. O.    in their future endeavors.

                                                                                               MRS J. N. MOODLEY
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