House Activity


Star College takes pride in the excellent  achievements of its learners not only in the academic field but also on the sportsfield.  The College offers an arrow of sporting activities to its eager sports people such as:


The girls participate  in cricket at  both inter-class as well as inter-house level. A points  system was allocated for the positions 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th.


Softball  has emerged as a popular sport amongst the learners. Learners competed in softball on the inter-class

as well as inter-house basis. Skills for softball were incorporated in our Life Orientation lessons.


Board Games:

Board games were a firm favourite throughout,  especially during inclement  weather. Every Monday & Wednesday,  the girls participated in board games for inter- class as well as inter-house.

Table Tennis :

Table tennis  is well- known worldwide and is an extremely popular sport at Star College Girls High. The girls were enthusiastic and competitive.


Netball emerged as a popular sport amongst the learners.  They thoroughly enjoyed competing with each other during the breaks and PE lessons.

As is the norm  in every school,  our 4 sports  houses are allocated with the four primary colours: red, blue, green and  yellow. The naming of the houses is dependent on the girls’ creative imagination each year. Each house accumulates points for not only  sporting prowess but also for academic excellence.

At Star College Girls High,  we believe that a healthy mind breeds a healthy body.

“ The greatest glory in living

Is not in never falling

BUT in rising every time we fall.”    Nelson Mandela

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