Inepo Euroasia – International Environmental Project Olypiad

INEPO Medals We left Durban on the 2 April to go to Azerbaijan to participate in the International Environmental project Olympiad (Inepo-euroasia) . We reached our destination on 3 April. We were then escorted by a guide to the hotel where we would be staying for the duration of the expo.

Kemintha Govender

Fatima HajeeOn the 4 April they took us for a tour of Baku. The highlight was definitely our visit to the developing Eco-Park. There, each country had to plant a tree and write our names, name of our country and the date on a plank by the tree. The tree will remain there with our names, for as long as the park exists. This event is unquestionably ached in our memories. The city had many beautiful buildings and spectacular scenery and monuments, not to mention the second biggest flag in the world which weighed approximately 360kgs. The exhibition officially commenced on the 5th of April. There were 45 different countries which participated. We were assessed by 5 judges. The competition was extremely tough. The expo continued until the 6th and it was open to the public. We had the chance to meet many new people, not only fellow participants but also university students, little children and even teachers. At the awards ceremony, we were rather anxious. The entrance to the hall seemed like the opening of the Olympic Games with all the different countries names and all the countries being called out one-by-one proudly walking out, proudly behind their country’s flag. Despite our fears, we managed to walk off the stage with silver medals around our necks. It is truly a great accomplishment. Not bad for a first attempt. Well, that proved that hard work and determination does pay off.  Our final day was spent at Megafun. The name says it all. We were given free unlimited access to all the games and rides, for the day. They also had a little show with lots of different performances. Here, we were interviewed by local television stations. We were on television! This city really made us feel like stars.  It was very depressing to have to leave this city and return home.As a reward, the school had organised for us to spend a day in Dubai, that was surely something to look forward to.It was truly an experience of a lifetime which we doubt we would have been exposed to anywhere else. We didn’t only represent our school; we represented the whole of South Africa!  We have a lot to thank our school for sponsoring us. Special thanks to our Biology teacher Miss. Aksoy for taking care of us during the entire trip.

Kemintha Govender

Fatima Hajee

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