National Women’s Day

As an all girls high school, Star college strives towards the empowerment of its students. In keeping with this spirit of empowerment, we have been a part of two Woman’s Day programmes this year. Both these programmes were aimed at inspiring us to push boundaries and challenge the common perceptions of women

The first programme was hosted by us at Star College. We were treated to a variety of songs, poems and dances, both as individual performances and class items. We then had our guest speaker Mrs. Desmarais, the first woman principal in the Department of Education, who delivered a truly awe inspiring speech on the heights that that all women are capable of reaching with the right amount of effort and determination.
The second programme was hosted by UKZN where we had the great priviledge of listening to the world renound Gcina Mhlophe. She was inspired us through her colourful stories and songs that told us of the unlimited opportunities that we as women have. Her speech was preluded by dances by two different dance organisations as well as a few songs by the amazing UKZN choir.
These two programmes have definitely served their purpose in that they have inspired us to make our dreams a reality. After all, how can the sky be the limit if there,s a footprint on the moon
Tasleen Mahmood 10D

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