Physics is Fun

Fun and Physics: two words you wouldn’t usually find in the same sentence. However, when Dr Megandhran Govender of the UKZN Mathematics Department visited Star College, theses two words seemed to fit together like a hand in a glove.

On __ September 2011, Star College had the privilege of hosting Dr Govender. At first I expected to be bored out of my mind by a Science-loving nerd trying to teach us about Einstein and meaningless equations and “fun-facts”, but what I received more than exceeded my expectations. Dr Govender was a fun-loving man who showed his love for Physics in a way that makes you love the subject too! His passion for pushing boundaries and discovering the secrets of the Universe inspired me and his use of the word “awesome” 34 times kept me entertained.

He began by telling us that his goal that day was not to teach us about Physics, but to teach us about life, and the first lesson that he taught us was to never grow up. At this point in time I glanced at the teachers who were all exchanging looks that said, “What is he doing?” He then proceeded to perform experiments that left us in awe. He did the famous Mentos in Coke trick and he created a cloud using liquid Nitrogen. My favourite tricks, however, were when he ate a Boudoir biscuit dipped in liquid Nitrogen and exhaled steam and when he used an optical illusion to make it seem as if he was flying. He also taught us that we should spend as much time as possible appreciating the beauty of nature and that we must never use common sense – the latter of which had the teachers exchanging quizzical looks yet again.

I personally enjoyed his presentation and I learnt a lot by listening and watching the genius in action. Listening to him speak was inspirational and highly informative. The fact that he was able to incorporate life lessons into physics lessons was “pretty awesome” and I hope that I can, one day, be as dedicated and in love with my job as he is.

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