Somalia Suffering

Death! Devastation! Carcasses and bodies emancipated! Is what Somalia is about, right now. Famine and drought have devastated the land of Somalia. This is where a jam tin of water is not available to hundreds of people to even share.

Due to the inner wars and drought, the land is bare with not even a blade of grass or any plants or green being seen. A land barren! People have nowhere to turn. Mothers have to choose which child to leave behind as she herself is too weak to carry herself, to walk for miles to the refugee camps. Due to the deaths many diseases have begun to spread as people have no energy to bury the dead. So dig deep into your hearts and lets all help the people of Somalia.

We have a campaign at Star College helping the gift of the givers by donating any dry goods that will withstand the journey up country. Any items imperishable will help!!

Your urgent need is wanted, and hearts and prayers as well. Let’s remember the poor and destitude people of Somalia!!!

The needy children of Somalia who are dying of hunger and thirst.

Firdows SADEK – 8D



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