We are living in a global village. Why not study in the United States?
Susan and Najla from Texas and New York respectively, spoke to the Grade Ten students about the opportunities at the colleges and universities in the United States. We were also given good advice on the choice of a university or college.

These two good ambassadors reminded us that we have a wider choice of Higher Education Institutions. In the United States these institutions are big on sports and drama. Religious tolerance is practised. Your first academic year is of a general curriculum, and will assist you in choosing your specialised field of study.

There is not much difference academically between the Colleges and Universities in the United States. Colleges and Universities could be big or small in terms of the number of students. The personal contact with students could range from high to low in both these type of institution.

In addition to what was said, in most countries the difference lies in the level of degree that can be awarded. The colleges award certificates, Diplomas and Bachelor Degrees. Universities could go up to Doctorates Degree. Just to clarify, some countries refer to their high schools as colleges. In South Africa, we have Sastri College and our Star College which are High Schools.

The United States is opened to outside students. The choice of an institution is a personal choice, and should be carefully made with consideration to one’s career and holistic development.

I think that Susan and Najla help us a lot in respects of what we plan to do after school, many of us now have a better idea of what so expect after matric. For those of us who have been saying “local is lekker” whenever we were asked if we wanted to study abroad, they shared a little open-mindedness with us.
Susan explained to us that USA is always looking for foreigners to study in their universities and become an asset to the United States of America, she had also mentioned that she had met her husband in USA and he in fact was a South African.

Having the ambassadors of the United States come and speak to us was a lovely opportunity that most schools do not get. Speaking on behalf of the Grade Ten girls, we appreciate that Star College has taken the initiative to prepare us even further for life after matric and to steer us in the right direction and get us to think about our further from now.


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